Red Cord Designs

Photography by Dganit Moreno     



 The issue of gun rights is one with individuals passionate about maintaining their 2nd amendment rights on one side, and individuals equally passionate about gun control.  Guns represent very different aspects of life to different people.  Communities in which families rely on deer and other game for a large portion of their sustenance, in which individuals use gun for recreational and competitive sport, there are often rules and responsibilities of gun use handed down from parent to child, from instructor to student.  In contrast, there are communities where guns represent violence, power, and death, with questionable acquisition of guns and their use.

When the pieces are lined up on the board in the start position, there is alignment and structure. The palcement of the pieces in relation to one another resembles that of a practice range, where rules and the responsible use of guns are present.  Once the game has begun, the parameters shift, just as in the unpredictable behavior of individuals in an environment where the laws and social rules of conduct are in stark contrast to the previous scenario.  The game plays out very differently, with the targets shifting from faceless pieces of paper to family members, reflecting the human toll and the relatedness we all share.

Yellow caution tape cordons off the board, eliciting the idea of the exclusion of individuals, segregation of communities, and the deepening of the divide between them.


Glass, brass, copper, acrylic, wood, paper

                                                                                                                             © Yuko Suga, 2017


 Chess is a game of skill.  It requires a process of learning and applying knowledge gained through experience to develop a player's abilities.  Similarly, each individual gains skills through experience, education, and opportunities.  The resourcefulness of each person is built upon those factors that shape how he or she interpret and respond to situations as they present themselves.  

On the other hand, the physical presence of guns immediately changes the conversation and the dynamics of power.  The dialogue changes to a monologue, a statement and a threat.  The choice presented throughout the game is whether it will proceed as an interaction, or if and how a player will choose to win and at what cost.


Glass, brass, copper, steel, plastic

                                                                                                                             © Yuko Suga, 2017